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Afrox is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of South Africans, in both the public and the private sectors. As a company we recognise the significance of ensuring a healthy South Africa and we contribute to this by offering high quality products and services.

Providing excellence in health care services is what our customers do best - providing excellence in medical gases is where Afrox excels. This partnership will help your healthcare facility team establish best clinical practice together with highest efficiency for medical gases. Further, we will assist you in establishing an understanding of the responsibilities for handling medical gases.

Afrox is the first gas company in South Africa to have achieved registration of all our medical gases under the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act (101/1965). As a result, our customers are assured that all medical gases purchased from Afrox have been proven to be suitable for medical use. Our gases are also manufactured in ISO 9001 certified plants, distributed through the most extensive gases distribution network in Africa and available in a wide range of modes, from cylinders to highly specialised installations.